Online Training

Junior Docent Online Training

Please watch all the videos below (they are from last year), read your JD manual and the Frequently Asked Questions booklet, and complete your training quiz! If the videos do not load, please visit this link to access them straight from youtube: CLICK HERE (Please note that there may be minor discrepancies. Mrs. Keown is using last year’s JD Manual, which has been updated for this year. All of the information is correct, but there may be some changes as to the design or which page you will find that information.) 
Also the last video will cut off rather abruptly. Don’t worry, you are not missing any important information. 

The online training will close Sunday, May 7th at 11:59PM


Below you can find this year’s JD Manual and FAQ booklet.

Junior Docent Training Part 1

Junior Docent Training Part 2

Junior Docent Training Part 3

Junior Docent Training Part 4

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