Rock Ledge Ranch is part of the Parks, Recreation and Cultural Services of Colorado Springs. 


Even during the off-season the Ranch is a beautiful place! Portrait photographers can utilize the site, but will need a permit. The use of the site is not available during the Living History Program and special events throughout the year.

Food and Drinks

You are welcome to bring in food and drinks during your visit. Picnic tables are available on the south end of the Orchard House and at various locations near the pond. 

The veterinarian has prescribed our resident animals a special diet. Please do not feed the farm animals or wildlife.  Discard your trash in a designated receptacles throughout the park.


There are farm animals and an abundance of other wildlife on site. Please refrain from touching or feeding them. Stay on the designated paths in order to preserve their habitat and to stay safe yourself. If you spot any animals that could cause harm to other people (most commonly rattlesnakes) please alert a staff person.


You are welcome to bring your dog to hike the trails. East of the bridges you may have your dogs off-leash, but west of the bridges (in the main area of the Ranch) your dogs must be leashed. Except for trained service animals, dogs are not allowed inside the historic buildings. You must remove your dog’s excrement from the park and either dispose of it in receptacles around the park, or pack it out. (Ord. 18-24)


The smoking of any cigarette, pipe, cigar or electronic smoking device is prohibited on park property unless a designated area is provided.


We encourage visitors to support the environment by using the recycling bins throughout the park. Please use trash receptacles for other disposable items to help keep our park clean and beautiful. Water bottle-filling stations are provided at our restrooms. 

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