Rock Ledge Ranch is part of the Parks, Recreation and Cultural Services of Colorado Springs. 


Even during the off-season the Ranch is a beautiful place! Portrait photographers can utilize the site, but will need a permit. The use of the site is not available during the Living History Program and special events throughout the year.

Food and Drinks

You are welcome to bring in food and drinks during programs, or on a sunny day. There are picnic tables available on the South end of the Orchard House, and various locations near the pond. Your food is not for the animals! The veterinarian has prescribed them a special diet, and it is harmful to the wildlife . Please discard your trash in a designated receptacles throughout the park.


We have a cow, sheep, chickens, horses, bobcats, birds, deer, and other wildlife. D not pet, touch, chase, or throw anything at them. Do not feed the animals at any time.


You are welcome to bring your dog to hike the trails. They must be on a leash, and excrement must be removed. There are bag and trash receptacles at the entrances Only service certified dogs are allowed in the historic homes.


Though Rock Ledge Ranch is mainly outdoors. Smoking is strictly prohibited outside and inside. Responsibly extinguish cigarettes and cigars completely before discarding them in trash receptacles.


Rock Ledge Ranch offers recycling bins throughout the park. We encourage visitors to support our sensitivity to the environment by using them. Please use trash receptacles for other disposable items to keep our park clean and beautiful.

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