School at the R A N C H

Raising Awareness of Nature, Culture, and History

Nestled beneath the iconic rock formations of Garden of the Gods, School at the RANCH is a 34-week hands-on educational enrichment program for homeschoolers grades K-5. Following in the footsteps of the Chambers family who opened one of the area’s first school at Rock Ledge Ranch in 1875, we foster a love of learning by focusing on nature, culture, and history.

School at the RANCH is state-funded, tuition-free enrichment instruction for homeschoolers. This is an immersive outdoor program that uses the rich resources of Rock Ledge Ranch Historic Site and Garden of the Gods to Raise students’ Awareness of Nature, Culture, and History. We meet 9am-3pm, one day a week for 35 weeks, beginning August 22nd, 2023. (K-1st on Mondays, 2nd-3rd on Tuesdays and 4th-6th on Wednesdays) Each week’s lessons are designed to engage the students’ curiosity and develop a sense of wonder about a specific theme. The lessons are taught almost exclusively outdoors, using art, literature, games, and hands-on scientific exploration. 

Contact Information

Contact Melissa Keown, Education Specialist at Rock Ledge Ranch at

or Jay Zarr, Director of Experiential Learning at or call 719-251-8773 with questions.

To enroll in the School at the RANCH program, make sure that you select “Alpine International Preparatory Academy (Rock Ledge Ranch, Colorado Springs)”

School at the RANCH

Homeschool Enrichment

K-2nd grade meets at the Ranch 
on Tuesdays from 9am-3pm.

3rd-5th grade meets at the Ranch on Wednesdays from 9am-3pm

Our program is full for the
'22-'23 academic year.

Registration for '23-'24
is OPEN!

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