Membership and Support

Rock Ledge Ranch Historic Site is possible because of the generous donations and support of our members, volunteers, and community. Join the Living History Association membership!

The Living History Association (LHA) consists of a leadership board and members who offer their support, time and expertise to benefit Rock Ledge Ranch. Funds go toward operational costs such as food for the animals, historic clothing library, and repairs and upkeep of the site, and more. Volunteers contribute their time and talents to docent at a historic site, assist with special events, gardening, cataloging, historic clothing and repair as well as enhancing the overall experience for visitors from all over the world. Mark “Please contact me with volunteer opportunities,” on your membership form, or contact us at 719-578-6777 for more information.

Become a member of the Living History Association! Visit the Admission Hut,  General Store, or by mailing a completed form to:

Membership Information
Rock Ledge Ranch Living History Association
PO Box 6299
Colorado Springs, CO 80934

Special benefits include:

  • A Full Year Season Pass- Daily Admission to the Living History Program and many special events.
  • Free Guest Passes
  • 15% discount off General Store on purchases
  • The members newsletter “Annunciator”

Thank You to all LHA members, and supporters of the Ranch!