Frequently Asked Questions

Events: Folk Art Festival

Q: I am interested in displaying my products at the annual Folk Art Festival at Rock Ledge Ranch in September. Who do I contact for the application?

A: Please contact Kathy, the organizer for this event, at the Holly Berry House 719-636-2752 or download the form here. Vendors with commercial, kits, factory produced, and import items will not be accepted at this event.


Q: I would like to donate an artifact to the ranch. Whom may I speak to regarding special donations? 

A: We are grateful for your generosity! Please contact us at 719-578-6777 or e-mail us a photo Before accepting your donation, we’d like to ensure your artifact is era-specific and usable.

Monetary donations are welcomed and appreciated! Please come by the Ranch or send to:
P.O. Box 6299
Colorado Springs, CO 80934


Q: Can you tell me about the roaming animals?

A: We like to treat our residents to some grazing time! Supervised, the cow and sheep graze close to the paddock, relative to the eras the ranch represents. The horses and chickens are not let out to graze unsupervised. For your safety, and the safety of the animals, please ensure your dog is on a leash West of the Camp Creek. There are also many trails over the 226 acres to explore!

Q: I’ve misplaced my membership card. How do I get new one?

A: Your membership is still valid through the expiration date even if you lose your card. Bring your picture identification and we’ll verify the membership at the Admission Hut. New membership cards are issued at renewal.

Q: I had a great time at Fiddles, Vittles and Vino. Can I bring a bottle of wine on a picnic to re-live that moment?

A: Fiddles, Vittles and Vino is a special event that requires a temporary license to allow the distribution and consumption of alcoholic beverages. Outside of this event, alcohol is prohibited on the premises. As part of the El Paso County Parks and Open Spaces, it’s against the law to enter the premises with controlled substances or under its influence. (See section 9, article 1 of the rules and regulations). Small, non-alcoholic picnics are approved!

Volunteer Opportunities

Q: Representing the time periods looks like a lot of fun! What types of people enjoy being docents?

A: If you love history, have a desire to learn new things, and share what you learn with visitors, you’ll fit right in with our talented group! Registration for adults is always available here, or call us at 719-578-6777 for more information.

Q: What are the prerequisites to becoming a Junior Docent?

A: Junior Docents must be at least 10 years old. They will fill out an application, interview, attend orientation, and site training. They must be able to attend all mandatory sessions and be willing to commit to volunteering 2 times per week for 5 weeks during the summer plus work at least 2 special events, including 1 event for a parent/guardian (July 4 or Harvest Festival). We offer a clothing from our library for a small fee, or they are encouraged to make their own period-correct clothing. Check out here for details and dates.

Q: How do I apply to the Junior Docent Program?

A: Junior Docent applications are here. Applications open on March 1 each year. The applications close automatically when full.


Q: Are wedding ceremonies allowed on the Ranch grounds?

A: Ceremonies are available at the American Mothers Chapel (located at the South-East corner of the Ranch). It seats 9 to 12 people comfortably. If you are interested in reserving the Chapel you can call the main Parks, Recreations and Cultural Services number at 719-385-5941. Portrait photography permits are included in Chapel reservations.
Please Note:  Portrait photography West of Camp Creek is not permitted Wednesday- Saturday 9 a.m. – 5:30 p.m. the first Saturday in June through the third Saturday in August. Review our portrait photography policy here.

Q: Can the Ranch host my reception?

A: The Ranch prides itself as a Living History Museum. There is not an accommodating indoor space for more than 25-60. (The Barn is full of hay and straw for the animals.) Due to public availability of the Ranch, and the ever-changing Colorado weather, outdoor receptions are not offered.

Check out this link for Wedding and Reception locations around Colorado Springs.


Private Events

Q: Are private parties and events allowed in the Carriage House?

A: The Carriage House is available for group meetings. It can accommodate approximately 25 people with tables and chairs, up to 60 seated only. Those interested should call the main number at 719-578-6777. Requests are subject to availability and approval. Availability is typically 9 a.m. – 3 p.m. and is not offered during the Summer Living History Program and Special Events.


Q: I’d like a custom order from the Blacksmith.

A: For custom Blacksmith orders, please contact us at 719-578-6777.

Q: I’m interested in Blacksmithing. What classes do you offer?

A: We host an off-site Blacksmith workshop. It will be available for a Saturday and Sunday, one-day classes on in March. Check out the events calendar here. Those with blacksmith experience are encouraged to apply to Docent throughout the Living History Program, and special events!