Spring Brings New Features and Updates at RLR

Lauren Wadsworth (Dorothy) and Annette Bley were two of the first to cross over the recycled bridge spanning Camp Creek.

Byline: Ron Wright, RLR Living History Association President

A Bridge to The Past No Dorothy, this is not your Golden Road and your friend the Tin Man might be hiding in the Blacksmith shop. The Cowardly Lion now is an elusive bobcat that likes to hide out and stay away from people. The Scarecrow is always guarding the garden however and its work is never finished.  You might just find Toto your dog since many of his friends are always guests at the Ranch.

 Somewhat with tongue-in-cheek I was reminded of Dorothy and her walk following a path of golden bricks as our newest addition to the Ranch was installed. This because of two lovely ladies, one dressed as Dorothy (Wizard of Oz) complete with a basket of goodies and costume portraying her challenge to find the “Golden Road”. 

 Annette Bley, her photographer, and Lauren Wadsworth (Dorothy), were two of the first to cross over the recycled bridge spanning Camp Creek. This was not a planned event. They were, as many visitors, taking pictures and in costume.

 The bridge was found at the Patty Jewett Golf Course by Ranch Manager Andy Morris and it fit the bill, so to speak, of the “pinch” in the flow of the creek causing flooding and damage in the past. The installation of the bridge was a two week process requiring new abutments and removal of the old wooden bridge. A large crane was used to lift the massive 34′ bridge.

 Now with a 4 foot arch over its length, the Waldo Canyon run off and flood waters will not jam up and cause flooding. A big advantage also is the safety of visitors, and lighting with Christmas lights will be fantastic for our annual Holiday Evening. Walking into the past at Rock Ledge Ranch you will find a lot of work that has been done and several other projects being worked on. 

 The flower garden in front of the Orchard House has been carefully restored by the caring hands of Ms. Lynda Kay Wallace and Ms. Betsy Hughes. With the new irrigation (sprinkler system) just installed, this will become a reminder of the beauty of the Orchard House. The front lawn of the Orchard House also received updated sprinklers.

 A special thank you also goes out to Mr. Daryl Anderson whom is the owner of All in Good Time for repairing and restoring the clocks in the Orchard House and Rock Ledge House. New fences to control of pathways have been put in place and the paths seeded to restore the open fields and stop short cuts. Please be aware of these seeded areas as they once again help in controlling the fragile top soil and beauty of the Ranch.

 Many “top burner” projects are being worked on to make the magic of the Ranch happen as you visit and build memories of a time spent visiting the History of the Past at Rock Ledge Ranch Historic Site.