Eric “Many Winds” Herrera to Perform at the 8th Annual Powwow Sept 23, 2017

Eric “Many Winds” Herrera (Blackfeet), will be a featured flute player at the 8th Annual Garden of the Gods Rock Ledge Ranch Powwow. Eric is passionate about his Blackfeet Heritage and his performances honor his ancestors and the Native American culture. He has been a performing artist for nearly 40 years.  The songs that he plays have stories that he can tell about each one.  He can also tell about the history of the Native American flute which adds and educational aspect to his performances.  Eric performs regularly at events and historical sites throughout the summer months.

Eric has performed at our Powwows in the past. His music is lyrical and echoes throughout the Powwow grounds when he plays.  He enjoys educating people  about the flute and has a variety of flute styles that he plays. The added sound system creates a truly haunting effect, as if we are standing in a canyon where the music bounces off the rocks. It is an awesome experience.

Eric  will have CDs available for purchase at the Powwow.