Orchard House Table Book

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We are pleased to present for the 2014 season a new book by local photographer Bob Macdonald. This book takes the reader through a visual tour of the elegance of proper 1900’s Edwardian through our Orchard House. It comes in both paper and hard bound and is available in limited supply at our general store.

Bob MacdonaldBob Macdonald is a Colorado-based award-winning photographer with experience in almost all the photographic genres–portrait, advertising, architecture, landscape, sports, model portfolios, special events, fine art.  Much of his photographic past  was consumed by corporate work in advertising, architecture, and executive portraits .  His recent work has included numerous photo spreads for web sites for a variety of service industries and private work for individuals and a variety of publications.  He is also committed to helping others in the field by providing instruction in digital photography.  He has also produced advertising images for a local chamber of commerce and as a free lance photographer, including for the area newspaper’s web site.  He also donates his efforts to community non-profit organizations like Pillar (education for seniors) and Rock Ledge Ranch in Colorado Springs.  Bob’s art has appeared in galleries in Colorado Springs and Manitou Springs, Colorado and he has been represented by a gallery in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Many of his images reflect his enduring love for the beauty of the American west.