Kava: Everyone Needs a Purpose in Life

Kava is a 14 year old Mustang who lives at Rock Ledge Ranch. He hangs out with his friends Dan (Belgian), Winston and Victoria (both Shires) in the paddock by the barn.   When Kava was young, he was a wild mustang, his main and tail streaming behind him across the …

Earth Day Celebration 2015

Celebrate Earth Day at Rock Ledge Ranch on Saturday, April 18th. FREE DAY! Visit the blacksmith shop and all the historic homes. The general store will offer select items at a greatly reduced price! Bring a shovel and help plant a tree. Enjoy many of our free activities! You don’t want to miss it! Read the flyer in this post to see the full list of activities!


A Tribute To Duke

Duke the Belgian Seventeen years ago Duke the Belgian was purchased by Ranch Manager Andy Morris at an auction in Iowa from …

Orchard House Book Banner

Orchard House Table Book

We are pleased to present for the 2014 season a new book by local photographer Bob Macdonald. This book takes the reader through a visual tour of the elegance of proper 1900’s Edwardian through our Orchard House. It comes in both paper and hard bound and is available in limited supply at our general store.

Christmas Pudding

The History and Symbolism of the Christmas Pudding According to Matthew Walker, Britain’s largest producer of Christmas puddings and the Wickham Primary …

Camp Creek Drainage Improvement Project

Camp Creek Drainage Improvement Project

The purpose of the Camp Creek Drainage Improvement Project is to thoughtfully plan short-term and long-term solutions to protect the corridor from flooding and erosion to improve public safety. As a community, we need to work together to come up with solutions that are both technically sound and responsive to community needs and values.

Pow-Wow Princess

Pow-Wow Etiquette

Pow-Wows are great fun. The events invite us into another culture and sparks the imagination. Being a cultural event, there’s a greater …