Thank You

A Thank You For 2013

Thank You! The Heart Strings of 2013 was again pulled by the devastating floods and damaged bridges. We, the Ranch Staff and the Living History Association deeply appreciate your continued support through these difficult times. We value you as members and your understanding. 2014 will see the Ranch open for great family experiences. Together we will build memories and history.

Andy Morris, RLRHS, Ranch Manager and Ron Wright, President, Living History Association

Yesterday is history. Tomorrow is a mystery. But today is a gift. We thank you for your gift!

Christmas Pudding

Christmas Pudding

The History and Symbolism of the Christmas Pudding According to Matthew Walker, Britain’s largest producer of Christmas puddings and the Wickham Primary School, the Christmas pudding originated as porridge in the 14th century. It was made of beef, mutton, raisins, currants, prunes, wine and mixed spices. It was eaten as …

Camp Creek Drainage Improvement Project

Camp Creek Drainage Improvement Project

The purpose of the Camp Creek Drainage Improvement Project is to thoughtfully plan short-term and long-term solutions to protect the corridor from flooding and erosion to improve public safety. As a community, we need to work together to come up with solutions that are both technically sound and responsive to community needs and values.

Pow-Wow Princess

Pow-Wow Etiquette

Pow-Wows are great fun. The events invite us into another culture and sparks the imagination. Being a cultural event, there’s a greater …

Bill Poley

Remembering Bill

He had a passion to make history come alive – and through his kind and caring way he made himself a living memory in our hearts.

Hand-woven Easy Chairs invite a moment's rest at the side porch of the Rock Ledge House

Sit down a spell

It’s been over a full decade since Rock Ledge Ranch’s first website and it’s time to usher in a cleaner, more advanced site that offers our visitors a better experience.

Cellular Devices Spring Up Everywhere

The Trouble With Technology

Rock Ledge Ranch sits in a “Bermuda Triangle” of technology, which proves to be both a blessing and a curse.

Horse Sponsor Program 2012

ROCK LEDGE RANCH HISTORIC SITE HORSE SPONSORSHIP PROGRAM FOR 2012: What would the Ranch be without all the wonderful animals?  Over the …